Trust your athletic intuition. Uncover your sixth sense.

Push your limits in AG6™, a high-intensity, circuit-based program and fitness experience like no other. AG6™ focuses on movement with purpose to uncover your athletic sixth sense and strengthen all major muscle groups, burning up to 1,000 calories in 45 minutes. View the AG6™ class schedule here.

AG6™ is also available for private group classes. Email for more information.

Beginning October 2016, class packages may not be split amongst multiple users. All participants must purchase and register for their own sessions.


AG6™ will focus on:

  • Total-body workout using PRAMA technology
  • High-intensity, circuit-based training
  • Functional movement with visual cues and targets to build a results-driven workout 

AG6™ (1 Session)

$15.00 Members
$35.00 Non-Members
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AG6™ (5 Session)

$70.00 Members
$165.00 Non-Members
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AG6™ (10 Session)

$125.00 Members
$300.00 Non-Members
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Experience Europe’s hottest fitness sensation only at Asphalt Green! PRAMA technology features pressure sensitive walls and floors that come alive with integrated LED light and sound to create an immersive fitness experience. Designed after years of research to increase efficiency and effectiveness, the interactive system establishes an unparalleled training environment. The 1,800 square-foot facility is home to AG6™, our new fitness class.  


AG6™ is the first workout in North America to utilize the PRAMA system. It is a 45-minute, high-intensity, circuit-based class that that improves muscle memory—your sixth sense—using the new technology. Your workout comes to life with walls and floors that light up and respond to touch, becoming your competitor, teammate, or target. AG6™ trains all major muscle groups through movement with purpose, building endurance, strength, balance, speed, agility, reaction time, and overall fitness. The high-energy, interactive training method pushes your limits and engages you in a way that makes time fly!  


Reactive training: AG6™ improves reaction time by training your reflexes. Spatial floor references with responsive LED lights provide visual cues, prompting fast-twitch muscle movement.

Functional movement: AG6™ focuses on movement with purpose, training your body for the actions you perform daily. Rather than isolate a single muscle, the workout strengthens your muscle groups together, increasing efficiency and reducing your risk of injury.  

Total-body workout: AG6™ maximizes your workout time. Get complete strength and cardio conditioning in one session and burn up to 1,000 calories in 45 minutes.


Trust your athletic intuition. Uncover your sixth sense.